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Get Equipt For Your Best Birth & Breastfeeding Experience

With The Support of The Melanated Milkies Club!

The only online membership program designed for women of color to have empowering births & bonding breastfeeding journeys, without the fear of birth trauma or lactation failure!

 Ensure Your Best Birth Experience

 Gain Proven Strategies For Breastfeeding Success

 Become Confident With The Support Of An Exclusive Melanated Mama Community

Meet Courtney!

Registered Nurse & IBCLC

Hey mama!

I'm Courtney, your birth and breastfeeding expert. As a registered nurse and mama of two kids, I'm your first and last stop for all things birth and breastfeeding!

I truly believe it is my purpose in life to educate other melanated mamas like myself and provide you with all the knowledge you need for the best pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding journey possible.

Want a trauma-free birth? I can help you with that! Want to successfully breastfeed but not sure how? We'll get through this together!

The Melanated Milkies Club will equip you with the tools you need to work towards your desired birth and breastfeeding goals, and will provide you with customized support within a community of likeminded melanated mamas.

Let's get you equipt, mama!

- Courtney Stallworth

Why Join the Melanated Milkies Club?

Your baby is on the way and you're...

Not feel as confident about your upcoming birth as you'd like to be...
Overwhelmed and wondering, "Can I really make enough milk to exclusively breastfeed?"...
Tired of researching all the things about birth, only to walk away still unsure of YOUR personal abilities...
Tired of defending your choices and wanting encouragement and support instead...

Is This You? Then You're Definitely in the Right Place!

MMC Benefits

By Joining the Melanated Milkies Club, You are Equipping Yourself With...

 "Equipt To Breastfeed" Hybrid Breastfeeding Readiness Program to give confidence in having a straight forward strategy to successfully breastfeed your baby from the very first latch!
 1 year  Unlimited Breastfeeding Coaching with Courtney via direct messaging, to ensure you feel supported every step of the way!
 1 year Unlimited Virtual Breastfeeding Coaching Sessions with Courtney, to guide you through any challenges you face!
 1 year Unlimited Access to our Exclusive Community of breastfeeding women of color to support, encourage, and uplift you through mamahood!

As A Member Of The MMC, You Will Have...


Gain Clarity on the best approach to creating a sustainable breastfeeding routine.


Increase your Confidence in being a mama capable of making an abundant milk supply.


Join a supportive Community of new and expectant WOC that are in alignment with the belief of God's amazing design of our bodies to nourish our babies.


Access proven methods to take the guess work out of how to successfully and easily breastfeeding your baby.

Imagine How it Would Feel...

To no longer wonder "if" you'll reach your breastfeeding goal, because you know you have the right support to get you there, one click away...
To be excited to experience a bonding breastfeeding relationship because you know you'll have an expert in your corner to help you every step of the way… 
To no longer feel worried “if I'll make enough milk”, because you have a strategy to support it

So... Let's Make This Vision a Reality

Need More Info?
Let Courtney Tell You

What Makes The Melanated Milkies Club So Unique and Special

"Our life experiences are different, our challenges are different, and even how we birth and breastfeed is different!"

I am so glad you're here.

I’m Courtney Stallworth BSN RN; the Maternal-Newborn Nurse, Lactation Specialist, and Home-Birth Mama x 2 here in The Melanated Milkies Club! 

I know that there are MANY online groups and courses out there that you could be considering; but do you know what makes them ALL the same, and what they are ALL lacking?

None of them were created BY WOMEN OF COLOR,
and none of them were created FOR WOMEN OF COLOR!

As a black woman, mother, nurse, AND breastfeeding advocate; I have worked with 100+ women, and understand that our life experiences are different, our challenges are different (hello; stats!?), and even how we birth & breastfeed are different!

This is why our APPROACH to improving our outcomes HAS to become different

Regardless of what the world says, I am 100% confident in God’s design of our Maternal bodies, and I believe that every woman is capable of defying the statistics and becoming the PROOF of what is possible for not only your children, but your children’s children’s children’s children!

That’s #LegacyProtection & I’m looking forward to us working together to making that happen for you!

See you in the club!

- Courtney Stallworth

The MMC Will Provide You With...

 The Equipt To Breastfeed Hybrid Breastfeeding Readiness Program
 1  Year Unlimited Breastfeeding Coaching With Courtney Via Direct Messaging
 1 Year Unlimited LIVE Breastfeeding Coaching With Courtney
 1 Year Unlimited Access to our Exclusive MMC Community

Get Started Immediately !

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