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Become Confident in Your Breastfeeding Success

Skip The Anxiety & Fears Of Failure!

Your Breast Start to Lactation Starts Here!

 Experience A Bonding Relationship With Your Baby Through Nursing

 Enjoy Pain-Free Breastfeeding

 Establish An Abundant Milk Supply

 Ensure A Straight-Forward Path To Your Lactation Goals

Meet Courtney!

Registered Nurse & IBCLC

Hey mama!

I'm Courtney, your birth and breastfeeding expert. As a registered nurse and mama of two kids, I'm your first and last stop for all things breastfeeding success!

I truly believe it is my purpose in life to educate other melanated mamas like myself and provide them with all the knowledge they need for the best pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding journey possible.

Worried about latching and milk supply? I can help you with that! Want to breastfeed but you've had bad experiences in the past? We'll get through it together!

The "Equipt To Breastfeed" Hybrid Program will provide you with the tools you need to work towards your unique breastfeeding goals.

Let's get you ready for positive progress, mama!

- Courtney Stallworth

The "Equipt To Breastfeed" Program Will Leave You With Practical Ways To:

Understand the Equipped Mama's fundamental #LatchFacts, so that you can enjoy an abundant milk supply

Apply our "Dos and Don'ts of a Deep Latch" for you to experience pain free breastfeeding, with effective milk transferral to your baby

Know when & if your baby is getting enough milk so that you can feel confident in your lactation journey

Understand the different options of pumps available, so that you can choose the best one that will fit your specific lifestyle needs

Keep yourself nourished while nursing, in order to sustainably & healthily thrive during postpartum healing

Identify when supplementation is needed, so that you can protect your milk supply by preventing unnecessary formula supplementation

Establish, protect, and maintain a healthy milk supply, to assist you in reaching your unique lactation goals

Create a customized lactation roadmap for a straightforward path to your breastfeeding goal

What's Inside This Hybrid Program?

 Self-paced Video Course Modules to help you gain proven strategies to promote an abundant milk supply ($697 Value)
 1 LIVE Pre-Baby Group Coaching Session with Coach Court ($397 Value)
 Customized Lactation Road Map to outline your breastfeeding success ($297 Value)
 1 year access to The Equipt Mama's Inner Circle Community ($250 Value)

Total Value: $1,641

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