Courtney Stallworth

Equipt To Birth

Become Fully Equipt to Birth and Experience the

Birth You Desire!

 Have a Completely Controlled, Trauma-Free Birth

 Make Informed Decisions About Your Pregnancy

 Empower Yourself to Overcome Any Complications

Meet Courtney!

Registered Nurse and IBCLC

Hey Sis!

I'm Courtney, your birth and breastfeeding expert coach! As a registered nurse, IBCLC, and mama of two, I'm your first and last stop for all things birth!

God's gifted me with the passion to educate other melanated mamas like myself, and provide straightforward strategy needed to have a smooth birth and bonding breastfeeding relationship with their babies; despite what the statistics say!

Do you want to feel in control of your birth experience? I can help you with that!
Having doubts because of bad experiences in the past or trauma stories you've heard?
Let's shift that mindset together Sis!

The "Equipt to Birth" Childbirth Preparation Program will provide you with the tools you need as a WOC to show up confident in your abilities to ensure your best birth outcome!

Let's get you ready for your absolute BEST Mamahood experience!

- Courtney Stallworth

The "Equipt to Birth" Program Will Guide You To Become:

Equipt to choose, create, & cultivate a #BirthDreamTeam

Empowered with the tools for a

Fearlessly ready to #Pivot&Shift through any risks, complications, or interventions

Get you #PostpartumReady during pregnancy for a smooth postpartum journey

What's Inside This 4-Week Long Hybrid Program?

 Weekly Pre-Recorded Course Modules to Watch at Your Own Pace ($597 Value)
 Admissions to 2x VIP Birth Strategy Group Coaching Sessions with Courtney ($497 Value)
 Learn The Equipt Mama's S.W.I.F.T. Birth Methodology ($297 Value)
 Download Courtney's Proven Tear-Free Birth Guide ($297 Value)
 Access The Equipt Mama's Postpartum-Prep Checklist ($197 Value)

Total Value: $1,885

Purchase Today for Just


(That's a Savings of 58%!)

Hear From My Previous Students!

"The most impactful takeaway for me has been all of the medical terminology I am better able to understand. I now feel more confident in making informed decisions. I am already speaking those affirmations now to strengthen my mindset. I already believed in my body but after watching the modules it’s like confirmation! I’m actually a little excited about my labor now."
"As I reflect on the Equipped to Birth course, I am so thankful for Courtney Stallworth for creating all these resources and content “gems” that I’ve learned, especially being a first-time mom. I feel more confident, knowledgable, and so empowered to advocate my desires during labor and delivery. I know what to expect and ways I can “pivot and shift” if my birth plan may change by knowing the alternatives, risks, potential outcomes, and key questions to ask to get information that would help me make an informed decision about me, my body, and my baby."
"OMG!!! All I can say is Courtney’s Tear-Free method is PURE GOLD!!! I suffered form a horrible tear with my first baby, and was determined not to this second time, so I took Courtney’s Equipped to Birth coaching program, did her method, and had ZERO tearing this time! All because she taught me HOW to be in control during my labor! Y’all, DO NOT SKIP ON THIS!"

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